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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 9, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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them." vo: just one. beating the heat with a shorter day at school. thousands of students will leave class early today because of the sweltering september weather. dangling from a cable car for hours. the amazing overnight rescue for tourists stranded in the french alps. and ai's moment to shine. a big night for the former sixers superstar. and right now at 11:00, we're dealing with another day of dangerous heat and humidity, as we give you a life look right now at center city. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with this warm forecast. >> it's a steamy day already and the temperatures have soared. look at delaware, 91 degrees right now. the clouds thinned out in
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delaware a little faster than the rest of the area. this is a live view from wilmington. 92 at 4:00 with a southwesterly wind keeping the humidity high. right now, 85 degrees in philadelphia. sunshine, it's nice and bright. we'll be in the low 90s by 1:00 this afternoon. 94 degrees at 4:00. and check that out. there is a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms during the day. as the temperatures take off, the humidity builds, 95 in philadelphia, feels like close to 100 this afternoon. best chance of showers and thunderstorms in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. we did see some showers first thing this morning. right now it's dry. that first round of showers is offshore, but there's another area i'm watching that's just off to the north and west. a steamy day today, but keep an eye on the sky for some scattered showers. a look at the forecast, hour by hour, when i come back in just a few minutes. vai? >> we'll see you then, bill. today's extreme heat is forcing several schools in our area to send students home early. you can see the list at the bottom of the screen. nbc 10's matt delucia is visiting ben franklin high
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school in spring garden, where students will be dismissed within the hour. >> reporter: students across our area wishing they could trade their classroom for the beach, even before the first bell, the heat and humidity had these kids sweating. the philadelphia school district three days into the year dismissing at noon, as temperatures are expected to soar back into the 90s. after-school activities and sports canceled. and parents are left to scramble as their kids will be getting home earlier than usual. but the question of safety, number one. >> i think it's best for everybody, as a whole, let the children out early. unfortunately, it's a little inconvenient for working families. but they'll pick their children up and everybody go home and enjoy the rest of the day. >> it will be an extra afternoon of indoors, over the computer, and maybe ice cream at some point during the day. >> reporter: and the problem is, the heat builds day after day, making conditions in these classrooms worse by the minute. a couple staff told me off-camera, the only way to get
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through days like this is to stay hydrated and they're trying to keep these kids out of the hospital. in spring garden, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and plan ahead for this extreme heat with the nbc 10 app. it's a free download to get severe weather alerts and this week's forecasts right on your smartphone. three people, including two teens, were shot while riding bikes in north philadelphia overnight. police got a call around 1:30 this morning for a man shot in the back. while police were investigating, day got a call two other people were shot about three blocks away. the 17-year-old and an 18-year-old had been shot in the back and the leg. the teens tell police they heard shots and started peddling away, but they were hit. the search continues for the gunman. in port richmond, a police chase ended with a car on two wheels and the windshield squashed after a police van rammed into it. the chase started in kensington last night, where police say they saw a car going the wrong way on a one-way street and police say the woman drove
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straight into them. the police started shooting at her car, but she didn't stop until police rammed her car with that van. no officers were hurt. and a woman was taken into custody. police say the car was stolen. philadelphia police are trying to track down three masked men who robbed a 7-eleven in roxborough. this new video shows the men entering the store on ridge avenue early yesterday morning. one of the robbers had a knife. another had a gun. they forced a workers to open a cash register. they stole money and cigarettes before running away. the worker was not hurt. right now, a delaware county community is remembering the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the first responders who rushed to help out on that tragic day. nbc 10's furlong is live for us in media. tim, tell us about ceremony. >> reporter: hey, vai. first of all, it's a hot day out here, but this park out here in delaware county is absolutely beautiful. we're getting ready for the ceremony to start. they'll lay wreaths at the firefighter and police officer memorial here and they'll also talk to some of the victims of
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9/11, who are actually here in delaware county, with us today. there's a plaque here. there's a stone here. some awards being handed out. it really is an inspiring event. they do this every year here. but this year, they're also honoring 14 police officers. i want to point you over there. you see the second guy from the left there? that's christopher adoremdorman. he was the officer who was shot seven times on duty. this was a few weeks ago. he's coming back to work today. the guy got shot seven times and survived and is coming back to work today. they're going to lay the wreath after the ceremony. and of course, they're going to talk about all the people who have died fighting for our freedom since 9/11. it's a very moving ceremony. it's hard to see, because we're kind of locked in here, but there's the fire trucks with the ladder trucks with the huge flag hanging between them. it's one of those things where you come up today and immediately get the chills and it sort of takes you all back. it's going to be a tough couple of days thinking about all of this. but if there's any way to honor people, it's certainly an event like this.
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it's going to be beautiful. and if you want to watch the entire thing, it's going to be on nbc 10 for the next hour or so. live in delaware county, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. a lancaster mother is accused with homicide in the death of her 2-month-old baby. jessica harper placed the infant in her bed to sleep and tshe woe up with the infant not breathing. a doctor had warned her not to have the baby sleep in bed with her, but she said she would do it anyway. this is the second baby death involving harper. she served time in jail after a 2-month-old baby of her died in 2011 from suffocation. in berks county, parents are demanding answers after a 5-year-old was left on a school bus for nearly five hours on his first day of kindergarten. parents attended a meeting in burjboro last night, with monocacy elementary school officials. those administrators said the bus driver did not walk through
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the bus before returning it to the lot, even though that's protocol. the parents of the 5-year-old say he's now traumatized and he cries every time he sees a school bus. >> you would think school was the safest place to be. and here i found out that they forgot about our little boy. >> you have traumatized a 5-year-old kindergartner. that could have been my son. >> a bus driver has been fired. school officials told parents they are installing new signs on buses to remind drivers to check their buses. and today, philadelphia sentencing is scheduled for a key figure in formerly congressman chaka fatah's corruption case. thomas lyndenfeld pleaded gltd in twou2014. he testified that he took out a $1 million loan to fund fatah's campaign for mayor. in june, a jury convicted fatah in a federal racketeering case that centers on that loan. fatah faces sentencing next month.
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♪ bruce springsteen and the e street brand will be rocking citizens bank park again tonight. they set a record wednesday night at the stadium in south fchd, playing for three hours, four minutes, and 23 seconds. that is the longest show yet. the boss wraps up his 75-show tour later this month. ♪ so hello from the other side >> just across the street from bruce, adele will perform at the wells fargo center. she's here for sellout shows tonight and tomorrow night. a busy night on the roads around the south philadelphia stadium area this evening. speaking of traffic, here's a check now on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. jessica, what are you seeing? >> we're watching a few things, vai. especially, take note of those two concerts later on tonight. there'll definitely be a lot of
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traffic surrounding the stadium area. just a heads up. also watching for an accident, a tractor-trailer, actually, that hit the bridge that takes spring garden street over mlk drive. the northbound side is blocked between ben franklin parkway and sweet breyer drive. there's an accident out in lower merion on lancaster avenue and water street, so watch for that. bridges are okay for the most part, but we're dealing with construction over the ben franklin bridge headed westbound. all that traffic headed into philadelphia, same story, construction westbound also on the walt whitman bridge with two lanes closed. the tacony-palmyra is good with no scheduled openings. taking a look at the schuylkill expressway, great for the most part. a couple of cars on the road. about five minutes added to your drive right now. nothing really major. eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway, speeds still up there into the 40s. vai? we have an update to a story we brought you yesterday. that's when we showed you this surveillance video from august. you see someone walking away
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with a my norah in philadelphia's summerton neighborhood. this is new surveillance video taken 3:30 yesterday morning. you can see a man returning the minora. the rabbi called nbc 10 to tell us about it. >> we came early this morning at 6:00 in the morning to services and we found our minora had been returned. and we're overjoyed and very happy. i would also like to thank the media, especially channel 10, who put this out. and without their help, this would obviously not have been accomplished. >> we're happy to help you out, rabbi. rabbi isaacson says except for two broken bulbs, the minora is fully in tact and is working and he holds no ill will towards the person who took it. today, alan iverson officially becomes an nba hall of famer. he arrived in springfield, massachusetts, yesterday, ahead of his hall of famer
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enshrinement tonight. he'll join nba greats shaquille o'neal and yao ming in the class of 2016. >> one of the best players ever. when you look at him from a size standpoint, she's like shaquille o'neal and yao ming, it's just amazing to think about the accomplishments he had on the court. >> to be recognized as one of the best ever to play the game was just a great -- and it still is, just a great moment. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is in springfield and he'll have a live report later on iverson's induction. and you can look back at some of ai's great moments as a sixer, right now on the nbc 10 app. 15 years later and people across the country are pausing to remember september 11th, 2001. an emotional morning on capitol hill, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle put aside their differences to unite and reflect. 88 degrees, hazy sunshine, and the humidity making it feel
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like it's already well into the 90s. we're watching for some showers and thunderstorms. that's a possibility today. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour, when we come back.
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sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and ceremonies are being held to remember the nearly 3,000 victims who died when the terrorists downed planes at the world trade center, the pentagon,ing apentagon
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and near shanksville. members of congress just wrapped up an event in washington. they held a moment of silence and than sang "god bless america" on the steps to have the capitol. on the night of 9/11, lawmakers sang the song at an impromptu gathering on those same steps. today, the house, the u.s. house will vote on a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of have played in the attacks. 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi nationals and there has been speculation they may have been linked to government officials. the white house has indicated president obama would veto the bill, saying it could backfire and allow foreign countries to sue the u.s. and this morning, delaware county's marking the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. this is a live look right now from the law enforcement, fire, and ems memorial in media. the event honors the first
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responders who rushed in to help. among those attending today's event, folcroft police officer chris dorman. this is the first day back to him to work after he was shot in the neck, face, and shoulder back in june. and the new york stock exchange observed a moment of silence ahead of the opening bell in honor of the 9/11 victims this morning. the world trade center attack happened just blocks from wall street, and the stock exchange was closed for several days following the tragedy. and the flight 93 memorial is holding a live distance learning program today. the students from 6 to 12th grade can go online can take a tour of the memorial and learn how the passengers and crew of flight 93 fought back against the hijackers. here it is. 16 minutes after 11:00, and we've got sunshine and the temperatures are soaring this morning. already feels like it's in the
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90s, and some spots have warmed into the 90s. we're on track for record-breaking heat this afternoon. and combine the heat and humidity during the summertime, you frequently get showers and thunderstorms, and that's a possibility. isolated thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon and evening hours. right now, we're watching the temperatures. 80s for the lehigh valley, the suburbs, delaware is at 91 degrees right now in wilmington, south jersey is 88. and 80s at the shore. that philadelphia temperature at philadelphia international, running a bit hotter in center city, already 90 degrees. and northeast philadelphia airport is already reporting 90 degrees at this hour. with the evaluated humidity, yes, we'll be in the 90s this afternoon, but it's going to feel like more than 100 degrees. and that 94 degrees, that would tie the record for today. i think it's going to go a little higher than that, 95 would break the record, which has been on the books a long time, since 1884. a steamy day ahead. temperatures in the 90s for philadelphia. clouds, some breaks of sunshine.
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still hot at 6:00 this evening. but later this evening, we could see some showers and thunderstorms. and the suburbs, 90 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. still evaluated temperatures, it will feel like it's in the 90s at 6:00. and those evening storms are possible. for the lehigh valley, likely to get some showers popping up, a little earlier in the day. 2:00 this afternoon, 87 degrees. by late afternoon and into the evening, that chance of some showers and thunderstorms. delaware, 90s today. and already there. it and will feel like it's near 100 degrees, or a little bit above this afternoon. a chance of some late afternoon or evening showers and thunderstorms in new jersey, but at the shore, it stays dry, but steamy. near 90 degrees at 2:00. and i think many points along the coastline will hit that 90-degree mark. showers, we had them first thing this morning. they're now completely offshore. and though it is dry right now, there is a line of showers that's off to the northwest. you can see it's moving into northwestern pennsylvania and north central pennsylvania.
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we could see that touch off some showers later this afternoon. that's 4:00 this afternoon. look at the shower just into the northern end of lehigh county and some scattered showers in chester and montgomery county is possible too. as we go into the evening hours, at 6:00 this happenievening, th that chance of showers in the trenton area and into new jersey. might see some heading towards philadelphia by 7:30 this evening. keep an eye on the sky, but mainly have to deal with the heat. the weekend forecast, another hot one for tomorrow. it's not just today, but tomorrow is where the heat wave ends. and sundays will be beautiful. what a turnaround. the wind will be blowing and the humidity comes way down. and cooler very parts of next week. the ten-day on 10 coming up in the next hour. >> look forward to sunday and next week. she's been lighting up the airways in philadelphia for years and this morning she's opening up about a health crisis that took her off the radio for months. what patty jackson wants you to know about recognizing the
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warning signs for stroke and how she's doing now. ladies and gentlemen, the winner is, lasalle at malverne pr prep. watch full highlights tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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well, you heard the saying laughter is the best medicine, right. well, our next guest has done their share of putting smiles on people's faces throughout the years, but this weekend they're coming together with a serious message. fans of the tv show "living
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color," "living single," "celebrity fit club," y'all are in for a treat. i was a big fan of those shows. we have actress comedian, kim cold with us this morning, as well as longtime, wdns radio talk show host, patty jackson, a good friend of mine. thank you both for being here. kim, let's start with you. the second year of the american heart association's power of laughter luncheon. why is it such an important cause for you? >> it's an important cause, because this is information we need to have. an important information. a year ago, i had a little bit of a health scare, some heart palpitations. i didn't understand what was going on, and after getting checked out, she said, do you have heart disease in your family? and there was none. she said, you need to take steps now to reverse what you're doing, because you're heading down this road. so to have this information was so important. and to be invited by the american heart association two years in a row to come and be a part of this experience, i'm delighted. because it's information we need to have.
11:24 am
and i get to hang out with miss patty. >> and you've got a personal connection here, because your mother had a stroke and your listeners know that you struggled after a stroke. tell us about how you're doing, first of all, and -- >> i'm doing so good. >> and what you're learning. >> this was the first week that i'm really trying to walk without a cane, no brace, and the other day i walked down south street. i only did a block, but with no assistance, with no one helping me. i just got up and i just went for a block. and i walked one block. but i'm doing much better. >> you look much better. tracy davidson and i came to see you at the station a couple of months ago, but you look so much better. the goal of this luncheon is to make people aware of stroke and heart disease. and it really hits hard african-american communities, as well as the latino communities. what are some of the warning science that you've learned that people need to look out for? >> look out for when you're gaining weight, when you're out
11:25 am
of breath, when you just don't feel good, it's important to drink water. and it's important that you take care of yourself. you live in a society. you have to work, you've got your kids, if you live long enough, you'll be taking care of your parents. but we often forget to take care of ourselves. we can't take on all of this without taking care of ourselves. >> i think it's even more so for you as women. because women typically will take care of everybody else, and then themselves last. >> we put on the cape, don't we? >> i can feel it blowing in the wind right now. and one of three women will die of heart disease. and we need to just educate. and we can do that in a light-hearted way, pun intended. >> yeah. >> pun intended at patty! >> you're with the queen here of philadelphia. we love miss patty jackson. we love her music. of course, i love to call in, especially when you're playing a little -- >> yes! >> love it! the second annual power of laughter luncheon is happening tomorrow from 11:00 to 2:00 at
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the first district plaza. that's at 38th and market streets in university city. for more information or to purchase tickets. tickets still available, ladies? >> yes, still a few. >> go to our website, and we'll have a link provided there for you. >> thank you so much. well, we could shatter a record today in parts of our area as the dangerous heat and humidity lingers. the shore is one spot you'll see a little bit of relief from those sweltering temperatures. but not that much. meteorologist bill henley will let us know when we'll all get a break, just ahead. also, could you imagine spending the night dangling in a cable car? kim says, no. the amazing overnight rescue in the french alps and what those trapped tourists are saying about this ordeal. narrator: terrorism here at home.
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fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. temperatures are soaring as
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we deal with another day of dangerous heat and humidity. you can try to get away, get some relief any way you can. here's a live look right now at boathouse row in philadelphia, if you're near water, it may be cooler. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here now with our forecast. bill? >> let me show you some water. ocean city, new jersey, there's a crowd growing, but it's e getting hot at the shore, too. sunshine, 85 degrees for upper township. atlantic city, wholegate, both at 85 degrees, and cape may point is 83 degrees. but get just a little bit away from the ocean, look at woodbine, may's landing, into the low 90s right now. and we're seeing some 90s a little farther inland for new jersey, too. 94 in audobon. pitman is 90 degrees, along with mullica hill. and look at the upper 80s for permton. those areas will be warming into the 90s today. florence is 87 and not far behind at 86 degrees for princeton. already feels like it's in the
11:31 am
90s, thanks to the high humidity and the afternoon temperatures for center, it will feel like 102 degrees. the suburbs, 90s this afternoon. doylestown, up to 90, but with high humidity. 98 degrees is the feels-like temperature. and you'll feel the heat and the humidity, and the lehigh valley as well. so isolated thunderstorms are a possibility. but i think the storms steer clear of the shore, the chance of a late-day shower with the heat and humidity in delaware. there are some cooler days ahead. i've got the ten-day on 10 when i come back in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then, bill. today, all philadelphia public and archdiocese schools will have early dismissal at noon. the same can be said for all reading schools. camden and trenton schools will also close early, as will schools in some other districts. we have a complete list of school-related dismissals running at the bottom of your screen. and in decision 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump are trading barbs on national
11:32 am
security, days ahead of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. nbc's peter alexander has the latest from their battle on the campaign trail. >> reporter: on this 9/11 anniversary weekend, hillary clinton's attacking her rival on national security. >> we have never been threatened as much by a single candidate running for president as we have been in this election. >> reporter: the former secretary of state today convening national security experts. >> i was opposed to the war from the beginning. >> reporter: on iraq, trump is doubling down. >> i opposed going in. and i did oppose it. despite the media saying, no, yes, no. i opposed going in. >> reporter: but the evidence shows he's rewriting history. here he is in 2002, six months before the war >> are you for invading iraq? >> yes, i guess so.
11:33 am
>> trump again pointing to his remarks from 2004. >> i made a detailed statement in an interview to "esquire" magazine. >> reporter: but that article was published 18 months after the war began. the billionaire is also under fire for complimenting russia's vladimir putin. >> in that system, he's been a leader. far more than our president has been a leader. >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and heaps praise on russia's president. >> reporter: once again, running mate mike pence is defending trump. >> i think it's inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been in this country. >> reporter: and now new fallout over trump's characterization of the intelligence officials who recently briefed him. >> i'm pretty good with body language. i could tell they were not happy. >> reporter: this morning, two intelligence officials with knowledge of the meeting tell nbc news that retired general michael flynn repeatedly interrupted before governor chris christie intervened.
11:34 am
christie calls that categorically untrue and flynn blasts the reports a total bs, telling nbc news, they're anonymous sources and they're lying. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. and happening today, senator elizabeth warren will be in university city stumping for katie mcginty and hillary clinton. mcginty will be there, clinton will not. that starts at 2:00 this afternoon at the penn museum. and next week, president obama will be in philadelphia to campaign for hillary clinton. on tuesday, he'll be here at eakins oval in front of the art museum at a public event for pennsylvania democrats, as we take a live look right now. and in just a few minutes, former president bill clinton will take the stage in pittsburgh to campaign for his wife. mr. clinton is expected to emphasize how hillary clinton has demonstrated the strong and steady leadership needed to protect our country. and you can count on nbc 10 for complete decision 2016 coverage, as we count down the
11:35 am
weeks until the general election. for updates from the campaign trail and our one on one interviews with the presidential nominees, just tap the nbc 10 app. north korea says it conducted a successful nuclear explosion test. that's prompting condemnation from around the world. the pentagon calls the test another flagrant violation of united nations' resolutions and a serious provocation. president obama has been briefed and has consulted with our pacific allies by phone. south korea's president called the test an act of fanatic recklessness. and japan called south korea an outlie nation. and a train derailment in spain killed four people and injured dozens of passengers this morning. the train was headed to neighboring portugal when the front car went completely off the tracks and hit a post. two other cars fell partially off the tracks. the train line says it has
11:36 am
opened an investigation into what led to the crash. and dozens of tourists were trapped in cable cars, dangling above the alps overnight, including a 10-year-old child, have all been safely rescued. nbc's keir simmons has the latest. >> reporter: the terrifying rescue, reaching tourists in helicopters high above the french alps, hampered by poor visibility. more than a hundred people, including a child, stranded in cable cars that reach an altitude of more than 12,000 feet. the final tourist, brought to safety this morning. overnight, many others, facing a frightening decent by ropes, including these women from michigan. >> they tried to take us by helicopter, but the fog came in, so the two rescuers stayed with us. and then we did a belay, after we decided there was no other way to get down. and thank goodness they were able to help us. >> reporter: the high-a lot the
11:37 am
attitude operation in the shadow of mt. blanc. reports say strong winds may have caused the breakdown. this morning, technicians loosening cables, finally freeing the last of those trapped. their ordeal over, tears of relief to be back on safe ground. and when rescuers realized that they weren't going to be able to get everybody down, that some folks would have to be up there overnight, they sent people to every one of the cable cars to be with those people, to reassure them. but you know, i have traveled on those cable cars. they are cramped. it is very, very high. it is not a place you would want to spend the night. back to you. >> keir simmons reporting. well, a mattress company in texas is now apologizing for a commercial that advertised a 9/11 twin tower sale. take a look. miracle mattress filmed the ad
11:38 am
this week, wanting to get the word out that they would be having a sale this weekend for the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. in the video, you see men knocking over two towers of mattresses. the owner then says, we'll never forget. many people immediately reacted to the ad, saying it's offensive. >> having a twin tower sale is the most tasteless thing i've ever heard. >> it was a stupid idea that we sent out. we apologize for our stupidity. >> miracle mattress says they will now donate 30% of their sales this weekend to the 9/11 foundation. today, 76ers legend allen iverson will officially become an nba hall of famer. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live for us in springfield, massachusetts, ahead of iverson's hall of fame induction tonight. randy? >> reporter: yeah, tonight will be the eclipse of allen iverson's storied career. ten-plus years with the sixers, as he gets enshrined into the basketball hall of fame. but he has been creating just a
11:39 am
little bit of drama during this hall of fame week. yesterday, he was a no-show at the first hall of fame press conference, where he was supposed to meet and greet with some fans. and today, inside this high school auditorium, the high school of commerce in springfield mass, he was supposed to give a speech addressing students about their future, but once again, a no-show. iverson does have a bit of a history missing practices, when he was a player. he did get to meet some sixers fans yesterday, but again, students disappointed when he didn't show up. the goons, they did get to hear from wnba houston comics star. she said these kids were quite disappointed that ai didn't make it. >> he has a huge following. you know, the kids love him, look up to him, admire him, and i think it would have been a great honor for them to be able to see him and listen to him speak.
11:40 am
>> reporter: yeah, cheryl swoopes, a great trooper here. she gave a nice speech, interacted with all of the students, took a lot of selfies. later tonight, iverson and a class of nine others will be inducted into the hall of fame. he is expected to make a speech. officials say he will be showing up to that and we'll be there live for you. for now, we're in springfield, maass, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> we'll have more live coverage from the hall of fame induction later today from springfield. right now on nbc 10, you can go back and look at some of allen iverson's best moments here in philadelphia as a sixer. and the kick is no good! >> it is wide left. the first game of the nfl season and a rematch of last year's super bowl came right down to the wire right here on nbc 10. the carolina panthers' kentuckier hooks that ball. would have been given them the lead over the denver broncos, with seconds left on the clock. denver wins it, 21-20.
11:41 am
and brandon marshall joined a group of athletes making a statement by not standing during the national anthem. ♪ and bright stars through the perilous ♪ >> you can see him kneeling on the sideline at the nfl season opener. marshall says the move was in solidarity with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. they were teammates at the university of nevada college. and now the ownerers of the 49ers is pledging the 49ers foundation will donate $1 million to the cause of improving racial inequality and communication between law enforcement and communities in the bay area. kaepernick himself made a small -- made a similar pledge to donate the proceeds from his jersey sales. >> are you ready for some football? the eagles releasing a new pump-up video to get you in the mood for football ahead of the season opener sunday. if you want to watch the whole
11:42 am
video and see some cameos from jeffrey lurie and villanova basketball coach, jay wright, who's a big eagles fan, look for the story on the nbc 10 app. the eagles take on the browns in a week one matchup on sunday. eagles head coach doug peterson spoke to reporters this morning about the game. you can anticipate the atmosphere at the linc sunday to be electric. he also said there would be a 9/11 tribute before the game. we'll have an exclusive interview with carson wentz ahead of his first nfl start, his first nfl game. you can catch it during eagles' game day kickoff at 9:30 a.m. nbc 10 is the official station of the philadelphia eagles. and tennis great serena williams is out of the u.s. open. tenth seed carolina plets cova served williams an upset last night in the semifinals. williams grabbed her left leg between points in the second set and double faulted. her coach says she injured her
11:43 am
knee in a previous match. steamy heat is outside and sunshine nice and bright. we're going to see plenty of sunshine today. but there is an end to this heat wave. we've got the ten-day on 10 when i come right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts.
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collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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y242dy y5yy just as week after samsung halted sales of its galaxy note 7 phones because of exploding batteries, federal authorities say don't use the phones on
11:46 am
airplanes. the federal aviation administration and warning passengers not to turn on or charge smartphones during flights. the faa also doesn't want you to stow the phones in checked bags. samsung ordered a global recall of its galaxy note 7 after it received reports of the rechargeable lithium batteries exploding and causing fires. and new this morning, city year philadelphia kicks off its 19th year of serving public schools with a pep rally. city year unites young adults with students to help keep the kids on track to graduate from high school. nbc 10 and our parent company, comcast, sponsored today's pep rally. ♪ and catholic school students in philadelphia are celebrating the beginning of the year. they gathered on the steps of the basilica of st.s peter and
11:47 am
paul for a pep rally a short time ago. well, tomorrow the will grove naacp and the abingdon township police department will encourage their community to come together. the groups will celebrate their 20th year of unity day at crestmont park in willow grove. over the past two decades, the naacp and the police department have worked together to foster communication between community members and officers. tomorrow they will reaffirm their pledge of cooperation. we talked to the chief of police about how important it is for the two groups to work together to help the community feel safe. >> we all know that citizens are reluctant to come to the police to dplcomplain about the police. and this agreement establishes guidelines where they can go to the naacp or other leaders in the community and have them come to us as their audit budsman, if you will, to handle that complaint. >> tomorrow's event will also feature police demonstrations, food, and also music. well, if you're a fan of
11:48 am
classical music, an event coming up will truly be music to your ears. three distinguished artists are coming together to perform for a great cause. tim petrain is a cellist at the curtis institute and he'll be performing on a concert on september 21st, and he's here with dr. jeff green stein, founder of the multiple sclerosis institute. thank you for being here. the annual ms bike to shore is coming up. but if you can't peddle the 60 miles, a long way to go, this concert is a great way to support ms research. tim, tell us what's in store for the show. >> well, we will play music from many different cultures. we'll play music from germany, from belgium, and an american composer who got a pulitzer prize and some grammy awards back in -- a few years. >> dr. green stein, tell us about your work and the studies and the strides that are being made to find a cure for ms.
11:49 am
>> well, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, and the focus of the research at the ms research institute is on human immunology. we've done mouse work collectively for over 70 years and haven't yet come up with an answer as to what causes ms. and so, a lot of our work is done to try to find the actual cause of ms. we've also been involved in developing a therapy, which is now in front of the fda for parcel approval for going into human studies. >> tell us about how much of the money goes into -- from the concert, goes to the research? >> as much as we can possibly put into the research. i personally am a volunteer, so the research -- or the moneys that we get really support the research staff and the research institute. >> tim, we don't have a lot of time, but you brought your instrument, so we moved a coffee table out of the way. and we would love to hear a little bit of your art. >> of course. definitely. just a fragment.
11:50 am
♪ ♪ >> wow. wow. you classed up our show a little bit here. thank you very much. doctor, we appreciate you coming. >> thank you very much. >> and sharing with us the work you're doing. tim, best of luck to you. i'm afraid to reach over and touch your hands. yeah, i don't want to touch those hands, they're important. >> it's okay. >> thank you very much for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> vivace ii is happening saturday, september 24th. it features cellist tim petrin.
11:51 am
the concert starts at 7:30. it's taking place at the penn's landing and at the sheet workers banquet hall in philadelphia. for more information or to purchase tickets, head to our website at or check out the nbc 10 app. appreciate it, gentleman. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we've got a hot one today. and still a bit cloudy. we start off with clouds and there's still numerous clouds in the lehigh valley. this is where we're more likely to see showers and thunderstorms. you can see a few clouds building, the heat and humidity. 88 right now philadelphia. wilmington and dover are in the 90s. we're running warmer than yesterday by 4 degrees and wilmington, up by 6 for dover. trenton, also 6 degrees warmer. and the feels-like temperature, the humidity and the temperature together, 100 right now in dover.
11:52 am
95 in wilmington. already feels like it's in the 90s for most of new jersey. vineland feels like 95 right now. we are on track for record heat during the afternoon. peaking at 95 degrees in philadelphia. that's my forecast. and that's a degree warmer than the record that's been on the books since 1884. coatesville, 93 this afternoon. that will tie for the record of degrees. allentown, the record is 95. so we may not hit that this afternoon. but i'm expecting records for mt. holly, millville, and newark. and i'm expecting another hot day tomorrow. but, a weekend turnaround when it comes to the temperature, after a hot day saturday and humid, too, look at the sunday forecast, partly sunny skies, a refreshing breeze blowing on sunday. the temperatures come down, the humidity comes way down on sunday. and that is expected to continue into next week. but for now, we're watching the temperatures climb and in the heat, you can see those clouds building in montgomery county
11:53 am
and bucks county and into the lehigh valley. the showers are not that far away. you can see a line of showers from scranton westward, into central, north central pennsylvania. that line is on the move. and it will likely come close to the allentown area this afternoon. and possibly the rest of the area. we'll see some showers building ahead of that line of showers. this is the hour-by-hour forecast at 2:30 this afternoon, you can start to see some activity in bucks county and into the lehigh valley and beyond. and some of the webber suburbs, too. chester county could see a shower at 3:00 this afternoon. but it's going to be widely scattered shower activity. no widespread rainfall. 4:00 this afternoon, a few sprinkles here and there. those heavier showers stay to the north, at 6:00 this evening. and this evening, not a big chance of a shower, but at 9:00 this afternoon, could see a bit of an activity in new jersey. keep an eye on the sky for showers and do your best to stay cool today. find a cool spot for today and again tomorrow. it will be another very steamy day on saturday. a chance for some pop-up showers
11:54 am
both today and tomorrow. and then a break from the rainfall sunday. and break from the humidity, too, with that nice wind blowing. that will bring us even cooler temperatures on monday. a high of 82 after a morning low of 64 degrees. then it's into the upper 80s on wednesday. but the next round of showers on wednesday will usher in fall-like weather for thursday, friday, and next saturday. we'll be right back.
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it is friday. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema, bill henley, all of us here at nbc 10.
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